What do you Need?

What problems are you having with your mobility?  Do you need something new?  Or does your current equipment need to be fixed?

Get in touch?

Get in touch with one of our trained professionals and we will work with you to choose the most suitable products to improve your mobility.


All of the products we offer are made to your measurements.  One of our experienced advisors will make sure that your products our tailored to your needs in an effort to enhance your self sufficiency


Our team will work with the manufacture and provide you a quotation for your product.

Delivery & Adjustments

Your products will be delivered from the manufacture and one of our consultants will be available for any necessary fine tuning on your equipment

Repairs & Maintenance

Even though Refresh Mobility strives to provide the best products, any experienced wheelchair user knows some work is required to keep your chair in the best condition.  We are always here to help.